Dance to Heal the Earth | Europe 2019

21 augustus 2019 @ 12:00 – 27 augustus 2019 @ 18:00


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: plant, buiten en natuur

Dear friends of the Dance to Heal the Earth Europe,

We are so grateful for your interest and commitment to the Dance. Grandmother Robin’s vision of the Dance has touched us all. It is an important and powerful message, healing for the Earth and all it’s inhabitants, including all of us.

When we are clear and commit to the intention of the Dance, we honor it as a sacred ceremony in which each participant has a wonderful contribution (dancing, or assisting in another way) to bring in the healing light of love.

Each one of us who has danced or contributed in other ways in this last cycle has been called by the Tree of Life. We want to honor everyone’s commitment and dedication, and find ways to inspire others to answer the call of the Tree, and the vision of the Dance. We all know this is a path of transformation, for us, our relations, and Mother Earth. Our work in the Dance and throughout the year is serious and important for the future of humanity and the health of Mother Earth.

It has become clear to a number of us that it is time for a change this year. Last year was the completion of a four year cycle, and stirred up a lot of energies in many of us. Many of us, including Grandmother Robin and Grandfather Bert have been dealing with serious health and life issues. We are living in very difficult and turbulent times, and we are listening to many messages telling us it is time to strengthen our community. The Dance seems to be calling for a time of reflection, renewal, re-connection, re-commitment, and return to the vision. This had to begin with the organization. As for this fifth year, Elders and Dance chiefs needed time to integrate signals, and signs, dreams, observations and insights, so we could only send you this invitation now. We have had some challenges during the year, as have so many parts of our society, and with some deep work the Board, and the Elders and the Dance chiefs have come together in a beautiful way and are feeling a great clearing of energy to move us forward and truly align our Dance with its mission and goal – to Dance for Mother Earth and its inhabitants – all our Relations! We are excited to have you join us!!

This year, is all about “spiritual maturity”, which we see in all layers of human existence. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. This is true in our organization as well as for you in community. As we mature, we are more able to maintain our full concentration on our mission of healing Mother Earth, and in the process, receive healing ourselves. Mother Earth, the Dance as Spirit Being and the energy field are all expressing the need for us all to examine what the Dance requires for creating strong roots, in order to be able to grow and blossom. To do this in a good way, this year will be an in-between-year, a year of nourishment, and enhancement in both ceremony and community.

The Dance this year will take place in four days. For this year, we are planning a 4-day intensive gathering/retreat, and will invite and require a deeper commitment from all attending again at Landgoed Algoed. The first day (August 8) will be filled in by the core teams, in a way to balance the energy and create a clear vision. All participants will arrive Thursday, to help with preparations and install themselves and we will be together in this Dance until Sunday 11th.

This years Dance will include ceremony, talking circles, constellation work, sweat lodge, and dancing. While we do have a schedule, we are also listening to Spirit and as always, things sometimes change…

The fourth day, will be a time to listen to each other’s experiences, clean up together (as this is an essential part for community in ceremony as well) and a wonderful closing-circle with each other after clean-up.

In order to make this Dance grow to a higher level, we need the commitment and support of all this community, in order for us all to be able to Dance together and hold the beautiful vision and mission of this powerful Dance ceremony for the next generations.

We have decided that before including new people, we need to work with our core teams, and will be limiting the gathering to our co-creation teams, dance leaders, elders council, board members, and former (and present) earth dancers and earth keepers who feel a deep commitment to the future of the Dance to Heal the Earth and are willing to invest their time and energy in the planning as well as the dance. We ask you to remain flexible as we are going to feel deeply into what is needed at the time, although we will publish a schedule. There may be times when we just meet with the elders, board, or coordinators. Please come prepared for all possibilities with tobacco ties, or flags for the tree, sweat clothes and dance outfits. This will be a beautiful time of re-commitment to the vision and to ourselves weaving a path of possibilities and connection.

People who haven’t attended before, we invite to come to Gatherings throughout the year, to connect and prepare for the Dance next year.

We invite you all to connect and explore with your heart’s inspiration. Then you can register below, and choose what role you are willing to participate in with this year’s beautiful ceremony.

It will be so wonderful to see you all again, and to work together building community. We feel honored to welcome you and Dance with you all and the Tree in togetherness.

Aho and Blessings to all!

Dance Chiefs, Grandmother Robin and Grandfather Bert, Elders Council, Dance to Heal the Earth Foundation Board, and Dance to Heal the Earth Co-Creation Teams

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